B200 Display Turntable (Variable Speed)

SKU: D-005-B200.VS
Category: Small Carousel Turntables
Tags: B200 Turntable, Display Turntable, Revolving Turntable, Small Carousels, Small Turntable, Variable Speed
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Product Specifications & Useful Information

Introducing movement from Movetech UK to the showroom will bring the excitement of an exhibition to the sales floor, helping to attract customers and increasing sales. Our smaller carousels will allow you to create stunning displays with lots of impact.

The B200 range offers heavier duty display turntables suitable for more substantial displays.

Product features
  • Grey heavy duty plastic construction
  • Rubber non-scratch base
  • Turn plate diameter: 180mm
  • Electrics: 220/240v AC 50hz Ph1 10 watts (excluding slip rings)
  • Plug: UK 3-pin plug
  • Slip rings – 5 amp (certain models only)
  • Can be fitted with a 300mm, 450mm and 600mm diameter cover, via the centre screw.
  • Rotating direction: user switchable between clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Please note: product features vary depending on model.

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