Motorcycle Mat Turntable (350mm Diameter)



Need to turn your motorcycle around in a constricted space? Got a centre stand?

Then why risk struggling, damaging the bike, or, worse still, having it fall on  you? Simply use The MAT from Movetech UK – an inexpensive and versatile turntable suitable for motorcycles with a centre stand. The MAT is robust, strong and durable, with good resistance to chemicals; it’s also weatherproof, genuinely low maintenance and, importantly, totally portable – it will even fit into most motorcycle panniers.

  • Lower the centre stand on to the MAT
  • Balance the motorcycle so that both wheels are off the ground
  • Rotate it gently
  • Job done!

Recommended maximum load: 300kg

Please note: If your centre stand is larger than 340mm (34cm) wide, please contact us. Telephone: 01204 525626, email: