Merlin® Major 21 Revolving Car Turntable (Invisible Turntable)

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Category: Automotive Showroom
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A Movetech UK car turntable is built to a unique design that provides a stable, high capacity rotating platform.

In the automotive and exhibition environment, movement adds a dynamic dimension to any automotive display. A Movetech UK car turntable can create impressive product launches or reveals by moving the audience or the merchandise as required, helping to draw attention to your product and increase sales.

With a range of car turntables, you can rest assured that whatever your automobile movement problem, Movetech UK have the solution.

The Merlin® Major 21 car revolve is virtually invisible in operation, allowing vehicles to be rotated as if by magic. Used across the world by major car manufacturers in car showrooms, exhibitions and for product launches, the Merlin® Major 21 combines eye-catching movement with ease of installation.

Designed to rotate the majority of contemporary vehicles, the revolve is ideal for turning both smaller family sized saloons and larger prestige marquees up to 2,500kg in weight. This flexibility ensures that a full vehicle stock can be rotated, enabling attractive yet cost-effective displays to be created.

Totally portable and requiring no floor fixing, the robust, compact, versatile and extremely smooth running Merlin® Major 21 can even be used outdoors, operating from the cars own 12 volt battery, opening it up for forecourt use, launch events, special vehicle brand displays or promotions at the local shopping mall.

Like revolving stage turntables, the Merlin® Major 21 features 5 amp slip rings to provide an electrical connection to the rotating element, thereby enabling further lighting and other special effects.

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Maximum Display Properties
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Additional Information
  • Mains powered: UK 3-pin plug / 6m cable (alternatives available on request).
  • Battery option: 12v, DV (battery).
  • Rotational speed nominal 0.6 rpm.
  • Clockwise rotational direction.
  • Slip rings allow for electrical power to be brought to the rotating surface (no tangled wiring).
  • Maximum display properties assume an evenly distributed load.
  • Unit is designed and intended for internal or external (dry and clean) use.
Operating Instructions

For advised operating instructions, please refer to the product operating instructions / manual for further operating and safety information. If you require additional help, please don’t hesitate to contact us and our sales and technical teams will be more than happy to help. Improper use of this unit may cause damage and harm to yourself, others and the product. Any improper use will also void any product warranty.


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