Heavy Duty Sign Turntable Mechanisms (Built to Order)

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These units are built to order. Before purchasing, please contact us to discuss production and delivery time scales.

A heavy duty revolving sign mechanism from Movetech UK can give you the competitive edge. Ideal for a wide variety of locations, both indoors and out, a revolving sign will attract attention, whether inside a shopping mall, an exhibition or on top of a multi-storey building.

Many great companies, both large and small, have recognised the value of movement by revolving their logo or customer message outside, earmarking their location and adding value to the brand.

To meet their requirements we have a wide range of models available, suitably weatherproofed to cope with all but the severest of climate conditions, and capable of carrying large signs. A call to our technical sales team will confirm which is the best mechanism for your project and conditions.

Advertising your product or service with a moving message sells, movement in the retail environment can increase sales by more than 30%.

Spreading the word to a wide range of public areas such as shopping malls, hotel lobbies and airport waiting areas will reinforce the brand, imprinting the name on the reader’s mind, creating an impulse to buy.

Where better to use a revolving sign than at a major show? Use the venue’s height to lift your brand above the competition and make an exhibition of yourself! Or use one at eye-level to attract the visitor to your stand.

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Maximum Display Properties
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Additional Information
  • Mains powered units: UK 3-pin plug (alternatives available on request).
  • Rotational speed ranges from 0.75 – 4 rpm, depending on specific unit.
  • Clockwise or anti-clockwise rotational direction available, depending on specific unit.
  • Slip ring models allow for electrical power to be brought to the rotating surface (no tangled wiring).
  • Maximum display properties assume an evenly distributed load.
  • Units are designed and intended for internal use only.
  • See full Sign Mechanism range for alternative units.
Operating Instructions

For advised operating instructions, please refer to the product operating instructions / manual for further operating and safety information. If you require additional help, please don’t hesitate to contact us and our sales and technical teams will be more than happy to help. Improper use of this unit may cause damage and harm to yourself, others and the product. Any improper use will also void any product warranty.


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