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B200 Display Turntable – Standard (1RPM/2RPM)


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SKU: B200 Display Turntable Range
Category: Small Carousel Turntables

Introducing movement from Movetech UK to the showroom will bring the excitement of an exhibition to the sales floor, helping to attract customers and increasing sales. Our smaller carousels will allow you to create stunning displays with lots of impact.

The range includes the Mini Carousel, B30 turntable and the B200 turntable. Our Mini Carousel turntables are well suited to generating simple, unique, full circular platform displays, or they can be combined with other movements in our range and, for instance, imaginative lighting effects, to create something really special that stops customers in their tracks.

The B200 range offers heavier duty display turntables suitable for more substantial displays. This unit is also available with or without slip rings.

Our Mini Carousel turntables are well suited to generating simple, full circular platform displays. They can also be combined with other movement in our range or, for instance, imaginative lighting effects, to create something really special that stops customers in their tracks.

Multi-functional control units offer additional options such as oscillation and hesitation modes. The control allows the user to define the run mode, in addition to the rotational direction (clockwise/anti-clockwise). Rotational speed can also be defined on the control panel. The control is simple and easy to use and all modes are controlled via switches/knobs situated on the unit’s multi-function control box.

Our customers tell us that using movement in retail and exhibition environments helps them to sell more products and increase sales. Movement acts as the ideal mechanism to increase sales, research suggests by up to 30% over a static display. Whether you are displaying the latest brands or high value goods, a small carousel turntable will allow you to create an attractive solution wherever it is needed.

As well as being used for attention grabbing shop displays our small carousel turntables are often used for photography and video projects, offering an effective way of taking 360-degree photos and videos of products and objects.

Maximum Display Properties
Additional Information
  • Mains powered units: UK 3-pin plug (alternatives available on request).
  • Rotational speed ranges from 0.8 – 12 rpm, depending on specific unit.
  • Clockwise or anti-clockwise rotational direction available, depending on specific unit.
  • Slip ring models allow for electrical power to be brought to the rotating surface (no tangled wiring).
  • Multi-functional control units – additional options such as oscillation and hesitation modes.
  • Maximum display properties assume an evenly distributed load.
  • Units are designed and intended for internal use only.
  • See full Small Carousel range for alternative units.
Operating Instructions

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