Merlin Major Revolving Car Turntable (Invisible Turntable)

SKU: D-007-MJ21
Category: Automotive Show Room
Tags: Invisible Turntable, Merlin Major, Revolving Platform, Revolving stage, Revolving Turntable, Stages
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Our revolving stages and platforms are used across the world by major car manufacturers to create eye-catching movement in car showrooms, exhibitions and at product launches

But we also offer other options for automotive display, including the ‘invisible’ Merlin Major 21, a particularly cost-effective solution that is both portable and easy to install.

Designed to rotate the majority of contemporary vehicles, the revolve will turn anything from the smaller family sized saloon to larger prestige marques up to 2,500kg in weight. Its ‘invisibility’ stems from its design: the vehicle sits on four unobtrusive wheel pads, making the car rotate as if by magic. The Merlin requires no floor fi­xing, and is robust, compact, versatile and extremely smooth running.

It can even be used outdoors, operating from the car’s own 12 volt battery, opening it up for forecourt use, launch events, special vehicle brand displays or promotions at the local shopping mall.

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