Olympian 4.5m Revolving Car Turntable (Fully Finished)

SKU: D-007-OL45b
Category: Automotive Show Room
Tags: Fully Finished, Revolving Platform, Revolving stage, Revolving Turntable, Showroom, Stages
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Our revolving stages and platforms are used across the world by major car manufacturers to create eye-catching movement in car showrooms, exhibitions and at product launches

Our range of automotive revolves is completed by the Olympian, a modular full platform revolve that will add style and elegance to any car showroom, product launch or special promotion.

At 4.5m in diameter and with a 2 tonne capacity, it offers a low profile that allows it to be installed on top of an existing showroom floor. It also comes fully finished with an attractive decorative top.

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