PoS Up & Down Movement (26mm/Sec or 78mm/Sec)

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Category: PoS Movements
Tags: Point of Purchase, Point of Sale, PoP, PoS, Retail Display, Up & Down Movement

Our wide range of mains and battery powered movements are great at attracting interest in short term brand promotions, new product launches and exhibitions. They are easy to incorporate into display, adding excitement and catching the eye.

Our range of portable movements are a perfect way to encourage interest for short term brand promotion, new product launches and exhibitions. Easily applicable to a range of displays no eye will be left un-caught when such a range of motion is available including oscillating, up and down and pendulum movements. Our range of motors includes a wide variety of sizes and speeds.

See more at: http://www.movetechuk.com/posmovements.html

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