Ceiling Mounted Turntable – Optional Slip Rings (100/105s)

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SKU: Ceiling Mounted Turntable - Optional Slip Rings (100/105s)
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Ceiling mounted displays and signage can transform a retail outlet, creating a dynamic, exciting and inviting environment that customers will be happy to visit over and over again.

Movetech UK’s ceiling mounted units are not only superb at creating eye-catching displays but can also be used to draw attention to under-visited areas of a store, highlight special promotions, signpost important areas of the store such as a customer service desk, or raise the profile and visibility of higher value items.

Above all they save space on the sales floor or in the window, making maximum use of your display area. With the optional slip ring facility on our mains powered turntables the display can be illuminated without winding up the wires, especially effective with chandeliers, which can be displayed lit as they rotate.

Add lighting, graphics, banners and other special effects – because used with flair and style, they will enhance any sales area to create a truly spectacular selling environment that will work for you day in day out.

All of our ceiling mounted turntables are supplied with a hook or eye bolt, thus fixing your display to our turntables could not be easier.

The battery unit is ideal for short‐term promotion displays or where it is difficult to get mains power to the display location. Battery life can be up to 4 weeks.

These metal units offer a compact versatile solution for a smaller ceiling mounted display. The range offers the option of either 5kg or 20kg capacity* and the option of slip rings which provide power (5 amps) to the rotating display.

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