Heavy Duty Manual Bearings – Diameters from 400mm to 1050mm

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Manual bearing turntables (or lazy susans as they’re often known as) are suitable for static displays that require additional manual rotation. Our wide range of long lasting manual bearing turntables incorporates a variety of sizes, all carefully designed and built to ensure smooth and effortless movement.

Our range of heavy duty manual bearings offer a more robust manual movement.

Product CodeDescriptionUnit Diameter (mm)Unit Height (mm)Unit Weight (kg)
D-001-0400400mm Diameter Manual Bearing4004211
D-001-0500500mm Diameter Manual Bearing5004215
D-001-0650650mm Diameter Manual Bearing6504220
D-001-0750750mm Diameter Manual Bearing7504223
D-001-0850850mm Diameter Manual Bearing8504227
D-001-0950950mm Diameter Manual Bearing9504230
D-001-10501050mm Diameter Manual Bearing1,0504234
Maximum Display Properties
Product CodeDescriptionMax. Diameter (mm)Max. Height (mm)Max. Weight (kg)
D-001-0400400mm Diameter Manual Bearing8002,000750
D-001-0500500mm Diameter Manual Bearing1,0002,000900
D-001-0650650mm Diameter Manual Bearing1,3002,0001,500
D-001-0750750mm Diameter Manual Bearing1,5002,0001,800
D-001-0850850mm Diameter Manual Bearing1,7002,0002,500
D-001-0950950mm Diameter Manual Bearing1,8002,0003,000
D-001-10501050mm Diameter Manual Bearing2,0002,0003,500
Additional Information
Operating Instructions

For advised operating instructions, please refer to the product operating instructions / manual for further operating and safety information. If you require additional help, please don’t hesitate to contact us and our sales and technical teams will be more than happy to help. Improper use of this unit may cause damage and harm to yourself, others and the product. Any improper use will also void any product warranty.


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