Manual Bearing Turntables (Lazy Susan) Pressed Metal – Various Sizes

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Product Specifications

D-001-0100Pressed Metal Manual Bearing, 4″ diameter
Unit dimensions – diameter: 100mm, height: 8mm, weight: 0.112kg.
Maximum display properties – diameter: 300mm, height: 500mm, capacity: 135kg.

D-001-0150Pressed Metal Manual Bearing, 6″ diameter
Unit dimensions – diameter: 150mm, height: 9mm, weight: 0.250kg.
Maximum display properties – diameter: 450mm, height: 600mm, capacity: 291kg.

D-001-0300Pressed Metal Manual Bearing, 12″ diameter
Unit dimensions – diameter: 300mm, height: 9mm, weight: 0.825kg.
Maximum display properties – diameter: 1000mm, height: 1500mm, capacity: 500kg.

Additional Information
  • Maximum display properties assume an evenly distributed load.
  • Please refer to the product operating instructions for further operating and safety information.
  • Improper use will void any product warranty.
Manual Bearing Turntables / Lazy Susans

Manual bearing turntables (or lazy susans as they’re often known as) are suitable for static displays that require additional manual rotation. Our wide range of long lasting manual bearing turntables incorporates a variety of sizes, all carefully designed and built to ensure smooth and effortless movement.

Our range of pressed metal manual bearing turntables offer a cost effective solution to introducing movement to manual displays such as gondolas and racks displaying such products as jewellery, perfumes, greetings cards etc.

If the focus is on the interior fit out then these bearings may be utilised to revolve cash registers 180 degrees or TV’s or in the case of restaurants revolving the centre of the table to share a tapas!

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